Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Wise Woman.....

A wise woman once told me...

Yeah, she was young but wise beyond her years.
Unfortunately, I did not listen to her. No...i foolishly went out and established what we will laughingly call relationships with a few menfolk.

*****she begins to sing******
To all the men I've loved before..

As you may have guessed,the course of true love (riiiiight) did not run smoothly.
And so for the last few years, I chose to pin my hopes for a male/female relationship(I am really starting to dislike that word) on these guys.
And for awhile these were...

But I found that they made you do some crazy stuff so I had to let them go...sniff...I really miss Jose.

Besides..a lot of my mornings were beginning with this thought....

So then, I went through a somewhat odd phase where.....

LOL...those were fun days! But I have finally worked through them.
Yes, I have sent my imaginary friends on their way although I have to say some of them were a lot of fun and one could really dance!
But they never seemed to want to go out much.

Sooooo....what, you ask, is the point of all this...Danged if I know.
Does there have to be a point?
Well...okay, if we must have a point then I suppose it is that...ooooo, how trite is this...Life goes on.

In the end, we have to deal with folks, male and female, and we will have relationships of some sort whether we want to or not.
And so now I am really happy with my "relationships" (dang that word) with all my internet Peeps!
Cause youse all "real" people....I think.



Spiral_Thoughts said...

Relationships.. why do they have to be so much work? I mean, why can't we all just get along? *snickers* oh .. right yeah I remember why now.

Having never really been out of a relationship of one sort or another I can't really comment on your situation... but I can offer ya a shoulder to blubber on and a freshly baked cookie.

Oh.. did I tell you my new theory on toothpick shaped bitches? Inside every skinny chick is a chubby babe screamin for cookies. And I'm here to indulge.

Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with your random thought.. I just thunk.

La, Storyteller/Storysinger said...

Cookies?? Did you say cookies??? Whoohoooo!!!!
As to my "situation" ....hey it's all good...I blog for the release of sarcasm and .....well the sheer joy of it!!!
And men...whatcha gonna do...can't live with'em...can't keep'em tied up and gagged in the closet for your convenience!!! Pooh :(