Wednesday, June 4, 2008

If I Was Your Guitar - Pura Fe (Blues)

I adore Pura Fe's music! She has a fabulous voice and she plays the hell out of that slide guitar. This song is great although this particular performance isn't quite as clear as I'd like (to find out more about Pura Fe go here Pura Fe/ Ulali ).
I have been looking for the words to this song but have not found them yet. Soooo, it looks like it's up to me. I am working on it.
This is what I have so far....

If I was your guitar
I'd be the happiest woman alive

Lay me down across your lap

(cant catch this line)

Travel up and down my frets
caressing the magic notes

When you get up to the top
work my heart strings by remote control

Yes, that's it. I never said I was good at this or fast.
I hear really slow. So, I workin' on it. Cut me some slack folks!
I will update as I often as I can
(she says as if anyone besides herself is really concerned).

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