Friday, June 6, 2008


Hmmmm....need I say more?
I woke up twice the other night,once at 2am (went to bed at 12ish) and then at 5am. Thought I was going to have to just give up and stay awake.
But it was 5am and I don't have to get up till 7am.
Besides, lol, I'm no quitter. So I went back to sleep.
Then I awoke at 6:49am, blurrily looked at the clock and passed out.
When the alarm went off, 11 minutes later, I wondered why I hadn't gotten up at 6 something.
Okay...only wondered that for a few seconds.

No....this post has absolutely no point.
Thanks for reading it anyway!


Serendi said...

WHY ask why? that chick is right! i can wake up every hr on the hr til its time to actually get up.... then its like oh come on!! 10 more mins!!

La, Storyteller/Storysinger said...

LOL...ain't it the truth!