Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin....some of his Stuff

I loved George Carlin.....actually I still love George Carlin.
His comedy is/was irreverent and damned funny.
And most often totally on target. George said stuff that we often thought.
A lot of his bits will most definitely live on.
I have put up some of my fave bits by him.
His "Stuff" routine cracks me up and also his "Parkway/Driveway" routine.
Classic stuff. We'll miss you George!

* Ooops! Almost forgot. Did you know that George Carlin did the narration for the Thomas the Tank Engine Children's Series for a couple of seasons? Yep, and a marvelous job he did!

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Spiral_Thoughts said...

I do hope that whatever roof he is stuck on now is a nice roof.. sans pigeons.