Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hmmm...that is a word, right?
I know procrastinate is a word. I ought to.
Seeing as I am a world class procrastinator.
Yep, I am sure I could at least place if there was a world championship.

For those who do not know this, and why would you, I am moving.
Yep, leaving good old Alaska for, hopefully, good old Arizona. I must be nuts!

I am, of course, still packing.
I have known about this move since, ohhh, January???
I only have a few weeks left.
You wouldn't think it would be that hard or take that long. I don't own that much stuff. When I moved up here, I got rid of tons of stuff.
If I was taking everything it would be easier but I am not....soooo I have to sort through.
Get rid of books, clothes, random stuff I seem to collect. Maybe I should just pack up every few months. That would help to cut down on my accumulation of stuff.

But I NEED some of this stuff.
Who can live without more storytelling and music reference books?
And, hey, I work with kids...I NEED these puppets...really.
And the jewelrymaking stuff..well a girl has to have a hobby to keep herself off the streets, right?

I am NOT going to do what I usually do. Which would be come down to the wire, about a week before I have to go and then LOSE MY MIND!!!
Nope, not gonna happen this time.

I am NOT writing this instead of packing....nope, not me.

Funny vid, I have done at least 5 of these things today instead of packing.

George is soooo funny and soooo on target.

Hey, I am going to pack now....really!

Love, Laughter, Peace, Blessings and STUFF!

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Pepper McKean said...

You are leaving Alaska for Arizona?

Yippeee! What part of Arizona are you heading to?

It is a cleansing of the soul to rid yourself of a lot of stuff. I have quoted George Carlin on my webpage regarding "stuff." It is so true. I had so much stuff that I couldn't live without before moving into my house on wheels. I was a packrat. I cried tears when I was giving and selling everything but after it was gone... I felt lighter. Now when I see something I just can't live without - I take a picture of it. It is amazing that week later I will stumble upon the picture and say "why did I want that?"

Absolutely love your playlist. My daughter had been hassling me about creating one and I then listened to yours.... and did it. It is a dead giveaway when mom is snorting, I know she is reading something on your page.

She is a lurker though and from her chucking and snorting she is a fan.