Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favorite Relationship Song

Alright, I exaggerate, it is "one" of my fave relationship songs.
But I swear every time I hear it, I think, "Yep, that describes many a relationship, mine and others."
The standard "can't live with them, can't live without them" syndrome.

Oops! I realize I have yet to name the song.
It is "I Hate You Then I Love You". I still haven't found out who wrote this song but I know that it was around in the mid "80's because there is a youtube of Julio Iglesia and Dionne Warwick singing it. I have to say that I prefer the version sung by Celine Dion and Luciano Pavarotti.

After I put this first vid up, I noticed that someone had set scenes from Pride and Prejudice to this song and I thought, "Oh my god! This is the perfect song for that story!"

In case you don't know, and why would you, I absolutely LOVE that book!
I have read it countless times and have read the contemporary continuations of the story. Some of them are darned good!

I hope you enjoy the song and the vids! And please do watch the Pride and Prejudice vid. It is fab!
PSSSSST!!! The words to the song are to the left in a cute little scrolling box.

Celine Dion & Pavarotti - I Hate You Then I Love You

Pride & Prejudice ♥ I Hate You then I Love You

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