Sunday, January 17, 2010

Emotions?...a few thoughts (not mine)

I was meandering on the internet (surprise, surprise) when I stumbled across this little bit of information. And I thought, "Well, now I'll have a name for those feelings, if ever I have them."
Check this out:
I say boredom, you say ennui

Some emotional states only have names in particular languages. Here are some examples:

Fiero (Italian): contented pride in achieving something just for oneself.

Amae (Japanese): the sweet feeling of being dependent on someone else.

Naches (Yiddish): the glow of proud pleasure that only a child can give to its parents.

Schadenfreude (German): the feeling you experience when you learn that your worst enemy has suffered some misfortune.

Ennui (French): the sophisticated, world-weary boredom most intensely felt by philosophers and intellectuals.

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Jessica Griggs is a freelance writer based in London

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