Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Okay..these are for my sister!

Don't even pretend girl! You know you loooove Michael Jackson...well, the old, original Michael Jackson.
I was checkin' out youtube, I really need to stay away from there, when I found these and I know you wanted to see them.
Have fun!!

A tribute to the Jackson Five...check out the clothes and the moves!

Oh yeah!! Classic J5..and that hat on Michael is fierce!! :P

This is supposed to be the first televised performance of "ABC".

I wanna be your Sugar Daddy...

The Jackson 5 with Vicki Lawrence on the Carol Burnett Show.

Oooo...the J5 on Sonny and Cher.

We can't forget the Jackson 5 cartoon series....

Wow! I have never seen this's either fabulous or really weird.
And it has Janice and Randy!

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